Light of Christ always there

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Light of Christ always there

So what if Christmas could come every day of the year? What? It’s the beginning of September! Why am I writing about Christmas? Well, it’s August as I write this article, and I’ve already seen some Halloween decorations for sale in some stores. Can Christmas be far behind?

In truth, there is one place that does seem to celebrate Christmas every day. As I drive down Stevenson Lane on my way back to the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen from The Maples, a retirement community on York Road, I always pass one town house that is beautifully decorated. Both trees in front are strung with many lights, and there are candles and lights in the windows of the home. It’s always Christmas there.

There may well be some personal meaning for that family to have those lights lit every night.

For me, however, it always is a source of joy. It’s always Christmas.

As many of us know, the word Christmas is derived from two words – Christ’s Mass. Christ does indeed come to earth every day in the Mass, in the daily celebration of the Eucharist.

But Christ also comes to earth every day in every heart that welcomes him. Our faith tells us that Christ is the light of the world. But Christ also told us that we are the light of the world as well. As humans, we need to see the light in order to remind ourselves to be the light.

We don’t have to be reminded that there is much darkness in our world. All we have to do is to turn on the network or the local news. While some newscasts do find some kind of heart-warming story to end the broadcast, most news is about murder, mayhem or misery. And it works. We watch it.

Why are we drawn to the darkness? I have a very humble theory.

Let’s say that I’m a caveman and my cavewife says to me: “There is a beautiful sunrise!” That may or may not be of special interest to my caveman mind. But if my wife says: “There is a lion just outside the cave,” that is of great interest. My survival may depend on this. That’s why bad news sells. It appeals to the “flight or fight” response in all of us.

At times I’ve actually given up watching or listening to the news for long periods of time. I even stopped reading the newspaper (except for the Good News of the Catholic Review, of course). But I always come back. There is a power to darkness.

So I’m grateful to the home with all the lights. Christmas does come every day because Christ comes every day. And when you and I live and love, give and forgive, the light of Christ comes through us.

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